Roblox is a popular platform that brings together young game creators in different genres and their players. In this article, we will figure out what is the secret of her success and how to become part of her community. You can find Roblox codes here.

What is Roblox?

Wikipedia writes that Roblox is a multiplayer virtual platform. We propose to understand it as a huge universe that unites millions of unique planets - game worlds. Inside it, you can do whatever you want. Some create their own planets, others travel around already created ones. But the main thing is that in this universe all users can try on any of the roles and communicate with other players or developers.

Anyone can visit finished projects - all you need is an account. And to evaluate all the features of Roblox and create your first project, you need to download the Roblox Studio editor program. In it, any player can become a developer and make a game using Lua scripts.

Today Roblox is one of the most successful MMO projects. And in order not to be unfounded, let's trace this in the statistics according to the BackLinko service and Roblox Corporation reports. Let the numbers speak for us.

Roblox statistics 

  • The total number of registered accounts is more than 3 billion
  • Average daily active users 43.2 million
  • Average monthly active users 202 million
  • The number of games on the platform is more than 40 million

How Roblox was developed

One of the founding fathers of the Roblox universe was David Bazooki. His love for games began at Stanford where he studied computer science. In 1989, David created his first project, Knowledge Revolution. In this program, it was possible to simulate various dangerous situations, such as explosions or accidents, using blocks and other tools. Later, David sold this development and found himself in game development.

It happened when he met the second creator of Roblox, Eric Kassel. The developers came up with the idea of the project together and founded the company. And later, in 2004, a beta version of Roblox appeared. However, it was called differently - DynaBlocks.

After that, the game began to actively develop and soon reached a full release. This happened in 2006. Over time, Roblox acquired innovations: animations, fresh mechanics, in-game currency. And then the team added a system to the game that helps developers make money on their games. So an ambitious idea turned into a project that is known all over the world.